Monday, 15 August 2011

Fifa 12 vs Fifa 11

It's about time we got this thing started, don't you think?
Being the first real post, It seems fitting to compare the old with the new. Let's start with 2010's stand out sports game, our beloved Fifa 11.

Fifa 11
The overall reception of Fifa 11 was, well, surprisingly good considering EA canada (the creators of Fifa) were under pressure to change things up.
The strangely similar feel of Fifa 08, 09 and 10 meant change was needed. They delivered. "Pinball passing" was taken out of the equation with the introduction of the passing power meter, tweaks to the shooting physics means that no two shots feel the same and probably the most noticable of all was the introduction of Personality+ to the game. Personality+ brought the game alive with vastly improved visuals and player likeness aswell as giving individuality to each player. Messi is agile and quick, Mascherano is aggressive and Emile heskey is quite frankly as much use as a Mcdonalds employee when asked where the bathrooms are.

So how can we expect Fifa 12 to top this? Are we expecting more than can be delivered? Let's see what the developers have teased us with.

Fifa 12
First off we need a background on the previous games to understand the changes. One of the reasons the last few games have been basically the same is that they shared a game engine. This isn't uncommon in sports games but clearly can lead to the monotomy that Fifa players have had to suffer for the last few years.
Luckily for us the Canada based development team have designed a new engine for Fifa 12 (Hopefully) bringing a new edge. A personal cause of stress was the tackling system based on holding the A/X button ruling out almost all skill involved in defending. This is to change with the introduction of tackles being made by a timed button press meaning this time round, our online competitive games will have an added dimension of skill to tactics. As to whether Fifa 12 will live up to expectation, i can't say just yet.


  1. So what will you do when Fifa 13 comes out? Make a whole new blog for it?

  2. Fifa 12 hasn't come out yet, well over a year of keeping this blog til the new installment.