Thursday, 18 August 2011


Since Fifa 12  is not being released until over a month away, all we can go on for now is what we havn't been told will change.
Basically, we're going to look at current aspects of Fifa 11 which will remain constant (and therefore be a part of  Fifa 12).

Being an Ultimate team focused blog, the big talking point of the world's most popular DLC would be a smart place to start.

There is no wonder Chemistry is such a centre of speculation, no specifics have been leaked but it's effect was evident in Fifa 11. Passing was smooth, movement was fluid, it turned the average team into world beaters.

There are 3 ways of building Chemistry in your team:

Shared nationality

Play in the same league

Play in the same club (Greatest contributor)

Tip: Having a manager of the same nationality as the majority of your players will greatly boost your Chemistry

As it is today, Chemistry will be key to success at all levels. Chemistry should be, without doubt, the basis of your team.


A quick side note on the less well known Morale

Morale can be viewed in the stats menu of players in the "Squads" menu and has very similar effects to Chemistry.
Unlike Chemistry, Morale is not affected by team composition but by the recent form of your team. A defeat will result in a loss of 7 points of morale, a win will increase your morale by the amount stated on your active stadium. Should your morale drop dramatically, i would suggest using a Squad morale boost card.

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  1. I dont understand why so many people love soccer. Dont get me wrong that I'm an american. I'm from an asian country and soccer is very popular here too but I always found this sport boring.

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  3. Please try to keep your language clean. I see linux's point, there are several sports i can't bare to watch so thank you for your input.

  4. never played it, seems nice though!